An unusual request for a place to buy quail eggs by Elisabeth was no match for the stunning ability of Chris’ fiance Adam to find anything anywhere in New York City. Our quest took us to a whole foods market in Union Square, a two-story grocery store featuring a special escalator for shopping carts. (It is too bad we didn’t get a picture of that!)

Union Square, Manhattan

A view of Union Square, in Lower Manhattan; the Empire State Building is visible to the left, blocks north of the square

Union Square at Night

Another side of Union Square, this time at night (click image for larger view)

Secaucus Junction

Secaucus Junction, providing passengers transfer between the New Jersey Transit Mainline and the Northeast Corridor (click image for larger view)

The train ride back out from Penn Station toward the New Jersey Transit Mainline brought us through the Secaucus Junction again. Elisabeth says that the station brings to mind a mental picture of marine animals meeting to elect their governmental representatives (a “Sea Caucus”). But anyway, this second-time stop at Secaucus provided a few spare minutes to get a picture of the titanium cattail sculpture illuminated with the three colors of New Jersey Transit (above, right). The cattail is apparently abundant in the New Jersey Meadowlands surrounding the station.