Rockefeller Center / The “GE Building” at 30 Rockefeller

After our visit to the American Museum of Natural History (pictures, previous post), we grabbed a B Train on the NYC Subway directly from the museum station to a station underneath Rockefeller Center, connected to the Rockefeller Concourse below street level.  A few minutes of navigating the underground concourse brought us to the entrance at “Top of the Rock”, the elevator ride 68 floors to the top of 30 Rockefeller, the “GE Building” (escalators and steps at the top allow one to go all the way to the 70th floor).  This was the building under construction when the well-known picture “Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper” was taken in 1932 (click link for more information).

A number of buildings, bridges, and other sites are mentioned in the captions of the pictures below.  Links to more information on some of these locations are listed at the bottom of this post.

Empire State Building from 30 Rockefeller

Looking south to the Empire State Building, 15 short blocks away (click image for larger view)

Empire State Building from 30 Rockefeller

To the left of The Empire State Building is the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge; to the right is Liberty Island with the Statue of Liberty (click image for larger view)

Long Island from atop 30 Rockefeller

A view to the east at Long Island, including Astoria, Queens, where Elisabeth's sister Chris lives (click image for larger view)

LaGuardia from atop 30 Rockefeller

LaGuardia airport, northern Long Island, looking across Astoria, Queens, as seen from the top of 30 Rockefeller (click image for larger view)

Bridges across Ward Island

The red steel arch bridge is Amtrak's Hell Gate Bridge along the Northeast Corridor train line; the suspension bridge in front is part of the Robert F. Kennedy (Triborough) bridge connecting Long Island (Queens) to Manhattan Island and to the southern New York mainland (The Bronx) (click image for larger view)

George Washington Bridge from the top of 30 Rock

Turning to the northwest, the George Washington Bridge going across the Hudson from Manhattan to New Jersey is visible with the Hudson (New Jersey) Palisades as the backdrop (click image for larger view)

Central Park from 30 Rockefeller

Looking directly north over Central Park; George Washington Bridge is visible to the northwest (click image for larger view)

Metropolitan Museum of Art from 30 Rockefeller

Metropolitan Museum of Art surrounded by East Central Park (click image for a larger view)

MetLife and Chrysler Buildings

To the Southeast, the MetLife Building hides the Chrysler Building from the view atop 30 Rockefeller (click image for larger view)

Williamsburg Bridge from 30 Rockefeller

Also to the Southeast, the Williamsburg Bridge spans the East River, connecting Lower Manhattan with Long Island (Brooklyn) (click image for larger view)


30 Rockefeller North Panorama

North Panorama atop 70th floor, 30 Rockefeller


30 Rockefeller South Panorama

South Panorama atop 70th floor, 30 Rockefeller

Swarovski crystal-themed interior

Inside the GE Building on the 68th floor is a Swarovski crystal-themed interior around the corner from the elevator banks

The Sunken Plaza and Ice Rink

Through the glass windows of a Rockefeller Concourse cafe, skaters are visible on the ice rink in the sunken plaza (click image for larger view)

Links to more information on locations named in this post:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), also mentioned in one of the captions above, is where we traveled next.  Pictures from inside the museum are featured in the next post.