After a long night of late driving on Thursday, March 18, we had arrived early Friday morning to our hotel, a lovely Holiday Inn Express in Haskell (Wayne), New Jersey.  The pleasant extras like the towel arrangement shown here and the beautiful view of the small lake right outside which greeted us in the morning made this hotel an instant favorite.

A hotel extra special touch

An "extra-special" touch at the Haskell Holiday Inn Express

A View from the Hotel

A beautiful view out the window of Upper Twin Lake greets us in the morning

Upper Twin Lake behind the hotel

A beautiful morning on Upper Twin Lake, just behind the hotel (click image for larger view)

We rode New Jersey Transit’s Montclair-Boonton Line in to Penn Station, New York City. Our first stop was to be the American Museum of Natural History (featured in the movie Night at the Museum), so we transferred from Penn Station onto the New York City subway, navigating the trains right to the 81st Street Station on the IND Eighth Avenue Line. These trips kept us “underground” from the New Jersey entrance of the North River Tunnels on the Northeast Corridor under the Hudson River to Penn Station to Columbus Circle until finally emerging from the subway at street level right outside the museum at 81st Street.

NYC Subway Musicians

A New York City Subway scene featuring musicians and a flower vendor