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Lake Seneca

We have been enjoying a third anniversary trip in beautiful ‘upstate’ New York.  Here are some highlights from the trip, organized by date in reverse-chronological order.

Skaneateles 02

The creek leading from Skaneateles Lake flowing by the creamery.

Skaneateles 03

The Sherwood Inn along US Route 20 in Skaneateles – it is one of the oldest operating inns in the state of New York. The inn is also the managing property of the Village Inn, where we were staying.

Skaneateles 04

The gazebo along the north shore of Skaneateles Lake.

Skaneateles 05

A view of the Village Inn (in yellow), showing the terrace outside of our room on the third floor.

Skaneateles 06

The Village Inn from the front side on Jordan and Fennell Streets.

The Terrace Room in the Village Inn was one of those really nice places that we discovered on our first trip to Skaneateles in 2004, on our honeymoon.

Terrace Room 01

The stairs leading up to the second-floor common room.

Terrace Room 02

The second floor common room.

Terrace Room 03

The door leading to the terrace room is the one that is open on the left.

Terrace Room 04

Looking down the stairs from the room on the third floor to the second-floor door.

Terrace Room 05

Looking into the Terrace Room from the top of the steps. (Where did those Ty Pluffies come from?)

Terrace Room 06

The doorway out onto the terrace.

Terrace Room 07

The terrace.

Terrace Room 08

Another view of Skaneateles Lake from the terrace.

Terrace Room 09

Looking out onto Fennell Street from the terrace (away from the lake).

Terrace Room 10

The gas fireplace in the Terrace Room.

Carousel 01

At the Carousel Center Mall, we found this rather amusing kiosk selling tea – a ‘teaosk’.

Carousel 02

From the food court, there is a nice view of Lake Onondaga.

Carousel 03

The namesake of Carousel Center is this 1909 Philadelphia Toboggan carousel, known as Carousel No. 18 (it was the 18th carousel ever made by the company).

Carousel 04

Carousel No. 18 from the front, with the glass windows overlooking the lake in the background.

Carousel 05

A not-so-successful attempt to capture the carousel from the outside at night (center of picture, second floor, inside the glass section).

Watkins Glen 01

The gorge trail is closed due to ‘wintery’ conditions…

Watkins Glen 02

I guess they were not kidding – that is snow on the rocks (on April 29, 2007).

Watkins Glen 03

Here is another patch of snow.

Watkins Glen 04

This is a view of the turbulent waters below, from the closest point accessible above the restricted gorge trail.

Watkins Glen 05

This is another view of Townsend Creek running through the gorge.

Lake Seneca 01

The view of Seneca Lake driving down from Watkins Glen State Park Upper Entrance.

Lake Seneca 02

A striking purple sail boat on Seneca Lake.

Lake Seneca 03

The view outside of the Seneca Harbor Station Restaurant in Watkins Glen on Seneca Lake.

Lake Seneca 04

Believe it or not, just outside of Watkins Glen, there is a place called Chalet Leon.

Lake Seneca 05

Hector Falls is one of the cascades falling into Seneca Lake.

Sodus Point 01

The old lighthouse at Sodus Point, a New York State historical site.

Sodus Point 02

The view out onto Lake Ontario at the lighthouse.

Sodus Point 03

The view out to the new lighthouse on the Sodus Point breakwater.

Sodus Point 04

The westward view onto Lake Ontario.

Sodus Point 05

The new lighthouse from on the breakwater.

Sodus Point 06

Houses along the shore of Sodus Bay.

Skaneateles 01

After the day trip to Sodus Bay, we arrived in Skaneateles for our two-nights stay at the Village Inn. This is a view of Skaneateles Lake from the terrace outside the room.

Museum Walk-Up

The tour of the Corning Museum of Glass starts with a beautiful walk-up pathway.

Glass Above Food Court

Standing above the food court on nothing but glass.

The Glass Quote

This clever quote by Mark Twain reads: “It is a little thing, glass is – until it is absent – then it becomes a big thing.”

Here are some photos of Elisabeth’s flower-making experience at the Corning Museum of Glass, April 28, 2007.  Click a thumbnail to see a larger view.

Flower-Making 01 Flower-Making 02 Flower-Making 03 Flower-Making 04
Flower-Making 05 Flower-Making 06 Flower-Making 07 Glass Making Building ‘The Studio’
The Studio