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North-South Lake, Haines Falls, NYSummer is here, and that allows travelers Eric and Elisabeth several opportunities to take a number of treks into some of Pennsylvania’s neighboring states such as New York, New Jersey (and maybe even Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia).  By the end of the summer, a few of these states’ high points will hopefully be explored, offering a few new picture sets to share.  Travel in and around the busy “Northeast Corridor” will continue, but there will also be opportunities to slow down and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation in such places as the Catskill Escarpment, Lake George, and those remote state high points.  As always, trip details with photos are posted in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent trips at the top.  Just scroll down below for pictures and captions, or click on a link in the itinerary to jump directly to a trip post.  (For the older, Spring 2010 posts, jump here)

  • June 2010:  Mount Davis, the highest point in Pennsylvania (day trip)
  • June 2010:  Albany, NY; Lake George, NY; North-South Lake (Catskills, NY); Lower Hudson River, NYC
  • August 2010:  New Jersey / New York City

New Jersey High Point above Lake Marcia

Coming soon!

The June 2010 trip featured a mixture of hotel accommodations and outdoor camping.  The first night started in Albany, which allowed for a quick trip up to Lake George the following day.  The next two days were spent camping at North-South Lake, south of Albany in the Catskill Mountains.  The last two nights allowed for leisurely travel back to Altoona via Reading to see Eric’s Mom and Dad right after Father’s Day.  The trip is directly summarized below, followed by individual posts with pictures and captions.  While the itinerary listed here is in the correct order, the posts themselves are in reverse chronological order, with the most recent visits at the top.

The following is a tentative itinerary, which will be updated with final pictures, comments, and captions once the trip is complete

Sunday, June 20, 2010

  • Afternoon:  driving
  • Evening:  hotel

Monday, June 21, 2010

  • Morning: LG
  • Afternoon: Lunch, Map Store
  • Evening: North-South Lake, set up camp, fire, etc

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

  • Morning: Escarpment trail
  • Afternoon: Lunch, etc
  • Evening: Dinner, fire, etc

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

  • Morning: Lower Hudson
  • Afternoon: Danbury, CT, Spring Valley, NY, or Port Jervis, NY – TBA
  • Evening: Check in

Thursday, June 24, 2010

  • Morning:  Train to NYC (via NJT Bergen, NJT Pascack, or Metro-North Hudson Line)
  • Afternoon:  Long Island Railroad to Elmont, NY?
  • Evening:  Visit with Chris, return to station, another hotel stay

Friday, June 25, 2010

  • Morning:  Visit in Reading
  • Afternoon:  Travel, return to Altoona by early evening

An annual trip to the Reading-Lancaster area for Thanksgiving usually includes the yearly shopping excursion to the Rockvale Square and Tanger Outlet centers. However, this year, an extra treat before shopping included several suggestions of stops in the area by the three travelers, Eric, Elisabeth, and Elisabeth’s sister Chris. (Click on any picture to see or download the full-size version.)

10:55 AM EST

The first stop is the self-proclaimed “World’s Largest Pet Store” on Centerville Rd, called “That Fish Place / That Pet Place“. A giant shark greets all visitors to this amazing destination that could be described as “a zoo with cash registers.”

The Shark in Front of That Pet Place

And the big excitement for your three travelers? Touching a live sting ray in the interactive pool.

The Touch Tank at That Fish Place

11:10 AM EST

We left the fish/pet store and headed east toward the Strasburg / New Holland / Blue Ball area.

New Holland Meats Sign12:00 PM EST

We have been driving toward New Holland with the help of a Magellan 4040 GPS unit, but we are a little unsure about the exact location of our next stop: The New Holland Meat Packers and Beef Jerky outlet.

12:30 PM EST

We have passed Sheetz store #231 two or three times, and we still have not found the Beef Jerky outlet. Chris made the suggestion to take a Sheetz break, regroup, and possibly ask for assistance to the New Holland Meats location.

12:45 PM EST

We have finally arrived! Apparently all publications of the outlet’s address have West Main Street (even in the GPS), but it is on East Main Street.

Chris poses with the Beef Jerky Outlet sign (below).

Chris at the Beef Jerky Outlet

Finally, we get to go in and get some jerky!

Entering the Jerky Outlet

The following pictures provide some illustration of the “remoteness” of the location. (First: entrance drive into New Holland Meats behind some houses; Second: view from back behind the parking lot; Third: another view out back)

Front Drive to Beef Jerky Store

Out Back at the Beef Jerky Outlet

Out Back at the Beef Jerky Outlet Store

12:57 PM EST

We are leaving New Holland Meats to go find Jakey!

1:25 PM EST

After less than 30 minutes, we have found our next destination. This was much easier than finding New Holland meats (but Chris and Elisabeth will tell you that the trip to New Holland was very much worth it for some good beef jerky!)

Jakey\'s Amish Barbecue

Now after all of the running around Lancaster County, Chris decided to order the “Sampler Platter” at Jakey’s Amish Barbeque. Jakey doesn’t skimp on the meat. There is about 3/4 pound of meat on that plate.

Chris with Jakey\'s Sampler Platter

After eating all she could and sharing some with Eric and Elisabeth, Chris still has a good bit of meat to take home in a to-go container.

Leftovers at Jakey\'s Amish Barbeque

And to commemorate our trip and the very delicious (not to mention filling) food at Jakey’s, Chris posed for a few photos.

Jakey\'s Truck

Close-Up on Chris with Jakey\'s Truck

Chris with a Jakey\'s Sign

2:20 PM

Next door to Jakey’s is “The Outhouse“, which provided some very entertaining pictures (below).

Outhouse Sign on Side

The Outhouse \

Restrooms Sign

Free Ride Sign

2:40 PM

Right in front of Jakey’s is the “Most-Photographed Building in Amish Country” (of which the pictures below help to continue that legacy). The “Dutch Haven” is famous for its Shoo-Fly pie, which Chris will be taking back to New York City. You can’t visit South-Eastern PA and Dutch Country without taking home a delicious Shoo-Fly pie.

Chris at the Dutch Haven

Dutch Haven Windmill

Some more interesting signs and merchandise within the Dutch Haven store prompted more photographs.

Don\'t Just Stand There

An Exit Sign?

The Exit sign above is somewhat dubious. Could anyone really get out of that door?

We also visited the Choo Choo Barn in Strasburg, PA, and the Railroad Museum of PA (also in Strasburg). There was some shopping at the outlets to finish out the day, but visiting Jakey and friends sure made the day a lot more interesting and adventurous. More pictures of the train attractions will be published in a follow-up post. From Lancaster County, that’s all for now.